Global Citizens Meet with SHU Professor; Attend Monmouth Scholarship Fair

Upper School Global Citizens students had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Martin Edwards today as part of their year-long Peace & Justice research. Dr. Edwards is an Associate Professor at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations, which has a unique relationship with the United Nations Association of the USA. He spoke to students specifically about Goal 16 of the UN’s Sustainable Goals (SDGs) and how the goal combines the world community’s desire to achieve peace and good governance.

The presentation included coverage of the UN’s 2013 World We Want Project, which surveyed 1 million people across the globe in order to help identify, define, and finalize the SDGs, which were put into action in 2015 with the goal of accomplishing them by 2030. Dr. Martin spoke to students about how the open process behind creating the SDGs, in comparison to the 2000-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), was revolutionary for the UN and also led to quick acceptance among the UN’s member states. In addition, students learned about the targets and indicators behind the SDGS which provide for analysis and measurability.

“The SDGs are essentially a bold 15-year experiment,” described Dr. Martin, but through civil society engagement and the power of comparisons, or benchmarks, they can make a difference. “This is exactly how human rights have advanced over time,” he said, referring to the passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after World War II. Goal 16, in particular, has the added possibility of reshaping the UN’s own governance.

Next on the Global Citizens Group agenda is sharing their own presentations. Students will be communicating the results of their research on the SDGs—each student studied and proposed solutions to a different goal—at Monmouth University’s Student Scholarship Fair tomorrow, April 21, 2017.

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